spring is here!


1-3:The dresses are some of Heather’s latest creations-so cute in a girl’s room! They are paint and fabric on canvases

4 & 5:The pair of bathing suits are so cute for a porch or lake/beach house!  they even hang by pieces of rope-so fun!

6: The group of three panels with the birds are going in a kitchen and they look like its one piece of wood when they are touching…fun!

7: The birds on the wire are pretty neutral and look great hanging over something or in a little nook…

8: 12”x6” blue with green yellow turquoise hills and white church

9: 24”x12” ivory with blue bird and white house with red roof

acrylic on wood

10: 22”x8” ivory with gold grey blue hills green & turquoise birds acrylic on wood

11: This is the center panel for the set of three pictured above

12: 9”x6” ivory with blue tree & turquoise bird acrylic on wood

14:  is an ivory church with green grey and turquiose hills

15:  is a HUGE frame that looks so great over a piece of furniture or in a hallway it can hold a picture up to 20×21″ or if matted smaller


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