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exciting project…especially when its finished :)

The first pictures are of a dresser that was old reddish mahogany…I stripped it and redid it last week:)…the fence board box is so much fun because you can fill it with things for each season!  And the dress painting is baaaaackk and now people are monogramming them for gifts-love it!


happy holidays…yep thats right its september.

well everyone seems to have gotten the memo but me-well until this last week when people have been ordering holiday decor and gifts YIKES!

AND for a sweet little one’s nursery!

It seems like I am doing a bunch of Merry Mails…people are on top of things (myself completely excluded!)  We also have been doing some big and little projects at my house.  I decided to repaint the hall bathroom, and couldnt find a mirror I liked anyway…I am posting some pictures of the process and finally our 2 new mirrors made out of REALLY old windows :)!

Honestly I don’t know where we have been

but we have been busy!!!!  Have some weird hours this summer so hopefully I can get more done! 🙂

Happy Easter Weekend

Here are some new things that have been in the works (well some new some oldies )


The weather has been so great around here lately, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to Spring and Summer each year…!!!  Here are some new gift ideas or even just a spring happy for yourself!

Almost March good grief!

keeping busy

Is always a good thing around here…


Has been a bit chaotic around here but I had to share some of the latest…thank goodness for fun projects 🙂


Here are some other new things…the birds with the Bible verse are similar to the ones in the last post, although the background is more grey and the birds are brighter.  I am somewhat obsessed with this sheep for a nursery, girl or boy I just love him!